Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thieves, Thieves everywhere

>Playing Brotherhood
>Chase down some thief
>Kill him and drop him off roof
>He lands on a wooden beam
>Jumps to another one
>Lands on beam and then drops dead
Wtf just happened

Also I would like to start uploading videos so it's easier to understand but I'm not sure how to do so with a PS3.
So if anyone can help post a comment.


  1. Maybe try a video recorder? might look a bit amateur but should to the job of delivering lulz to your followers ;D

    Look forward to your next post bro

  2. Wait, what was it called? A... Capture card I think? I don't know if it's for the ps3, though.

  3. i'd love to see a video of this, make things much easier to understand. keep it up though

  4. ya you need a capture card on your pc and then your ps3 hooked up to it so youll be playing thorugh your comp while recording, some of the cards cost quite a bit, cheaper alt method would be to just use a camera

  5. I love that game, wish you had 360 so I could share my tag :P

  6. Oh man, so many friggen random things happen in that game. At one point I called my recruits while I was jumping, and the game glitched. I got to fly "falling" Ezio around Rome. Was amazing.

    Also, I am following your blog now :)