Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dead Island

Well I'm back and I found this pretty cool trailer for a new game called Dead Island. It's a first person open world zombie game. It only has melee weapons that is only limited to how strong you are. It has amazing hit detection since the zombies are layered so their insides spill when you cut them open. I'm pretty excited for this how about you guys leave a comment to tell me how you feel.


  1. Interesting. But why only melee? Sounds like it'd get boring after a while. I hope this game is decent because this is the zombie game I've been looking for for years.

    Also, I really need some clicks on my blog! Money's short as of late!

  2. Looks quite cool, could be a good take as shooting stuff can get old fast.

  3. Nice trailer. Hopefully they'll have some in game stuff soon.

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